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Do YOU hate bullies?

2016-06-28 22:37:22 by CoolDrMoney

Oh boy I hear ya! I made this thing for uhhh bully awareness so here ya go.

Merry Christmas to all~~

2015-12-26 12:47:08 by CoolDrMoney

Don't ask about the funnies this year


Im still alive you guys

2015-11-05 22:42:08 by CoolDrMoney

And I still make a cartoon or 2~~

Here's another stinker!


Demo Reel. Watch it. Go Ahead. No ones lookin.

2014-03-10 23:25:08 by CoolDrMoney

Here's my demo reel for yall let me know what you think.  

So thats that. Also the music was done by Newgrounds user calamaistr so you all should check him out. He's got some real nice tunes just listen to his stuff ok? That's all for now leave some comments or somethin I don't know who cares~~

Got a new movie fer ya eheheheh

2013-09-30 20:59:51 by CoolDrMoney

Oh this a real g00d one right here~

Just messin around with 2D and 3D boy is that pretty ok!
I did some other 3D things but they werent that good so I didnt dedicate a whole post to em. If you want to see em feel free to look at my page.

Okay Im gonna go make burgers #burgertime

Got a new movie fer ya eheheheh

Whats cookin good lookin

2012-08-29 15:53:09 by CoolDrMoney

Hey hows it goin been goin through a whole lot of shit holy fuck tryin to get back on track now so heres the plan

Im gonna ask you to subscribe to a bunch of my shit first and foremost.
And then I'll start makin animations again.

Here's my youtube:

Okay so here's my DeviantArt:

Here's my Twitter:

I think that's it. Help a brotha out. And bunch of cool things will maybe be coming your way who knows but probably

Whats cookin good lookin


If someone could help me figure out why my api preloading shit aint workin that would be cool too

Here it is:

New thing with animation or somethin

Finishing college. Now what?

2012-05-12 18:40:24 by CoolDrMoney

So I've been stupid busy the past moths trying to get everything done with college and all. I'll have a ton of stuff comin to the portal after all this.

So I find myself askin "what now"? So far, I'm plannin on moving back to Rhode Island into a 3 person apartment. I've got some freelance work set up there but that's only gonna last so long and it's designing a website which is something I dont want to make a profession of. It's nice side money though. I'll probably get another side job to help with bills.

So what should I do to not have my animation degree go to waste? Tried some internships and none of em got back to me. Do I keep looking? What are the best places to look? Craigslist?

Any information would be helpful heh!

Finishing college. Now what?

What happened Madonna!?

2012-03-07 15:33:29 by CoolDrMoney

Good thing they didn't air this part of the halftime show...

What happened Madonna!?

I was originally saving this post to ask for a musician's help creating a soundtrack for my senior project, but this is more important.

My friend or as some of you know him as on this site, "Starogre" is coming out with an indie game called Closure. He's working on the game with another user on this site named Glail_Gamer. Their game is a top 10 finalist in the Indie Game Challenge and could win $100,000. If you vote for Closure, they're that much closer to winning!

Vote here! It doesn't require you to sign up or anything. Just click "vote for Closure" and youre set. -finalists/#

Here's a link to Starogre's profile on here:

Here is Glail_Gamer's profile:

Help Starogre & Glaiel_Gamer win $100,000 for their indie game "Closure"