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New thing with animation or somethin

2012-08-01 23:48:00 by CoolDrMoney


If someone could help me figure out why my api preloading shit aint workin that would be cool too

Here it is:

New thing with animation or somethin


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2012-08-02 02:09:14

This might happen if you have anything in your library set to export on frame 1 (AS2?). Uncheck the "export on frame 1" box for all your symbols. Then you have to create a movie clip symbol and put it in the second frame of your movie (somewhere out of sight). In the actions of that symbol put stop(); on frame 1. Then insert a blank keyframe for frame 2 and drag in any symbols that used to be set to "export on frame 1". If there are any sounds, insert a blank keyframe for each one and set them to Event (instead of Stream). That should do it.


2012-08-02 08:09:29

that last scene brought back the animated music feel of old mtv.
i mean old old mtv when it was just starting out- not the buttsauce gargling sperg written shit.