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Whats cookin good lookin

2012-08-29 15:53:09 by CoolDrMoney

Hey hows it goin been goin through a whole lot of shit holy fuck tryin to get back on track now so heres the plan

Im gonna ask you to subscribe to a bunch of my shit first and foremost.
And then I'll start makin animations again.

Here's my youtube:

Okay so here's my DeviantArt:

Here's my Twitter:

I think that's it. Help a brotha out. And bunch of cool things will maybe be coming your way who knows but probably

Whats cookin good lookin


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2012-08-29 20:43:40

Guess whos back!


2012-08-29 20:58:32



2012-08-29 21:16:54

is this you

top editor NOT BAD MY MAN

CoolDrMoney responds:

That is not me. That is some big dumb man


2012-08-29 21:52:18

make shit first and then people will subscribe nigguh :)

(Updated ) CoolDrMoney responds:

OK HOWabout I start now. My new cartoon will be good its called Blordow the big gay baby bitch boy!!??


2012-08-30 04:59:36

I am yours.

CoolDrMoney responds: